Type 224

Type 224 is a simple 3D shmup game. It was made for a Gamedev.pl Compo competition, but did not take part. It was never completed.

Genre 3D shmup
Requirements Minimum: 1000 MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000 and up, GeForce 4 (or equivalent) and up, any sound card
Recommended: 2.0 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, Windows 2000 and up, GeForce Series 6 and up, any sound card
Language English
Released Never
Status Unfinished
Made in Five days
Code C++, utilizing our own in-house 2D/3D engine - this was the first major engine release with the 3D code; needless to say, it was crap; written and compiled using GCC and Dev-C++
Graphics Blender and Gimp;
  • The game was sent 2 minutes before the deadline. The competition organizer didn't receive it before one minute after the deadline. We didn't get in.
  • The game was our most technologically advanced game. It had lots of very nice effects, but the engine code was terrible, and the game only runs perfectly on high-end hardware. There are a lot of graphics and slowdown bugs otherwise.
  • Both the particle effects and levels are stored in simple TXT files. In theory, the game could be made much longer and prettier just by modyfing those files.
Wenrzyk Suckoban Castellan Vodovod 2
Type 224 Codename: Starspace

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