Castellan is a two-player 2D castle fighting game. Each player chooses a historical polish ruler and tries to destroy the other player's castle. You can upgrade and repair your castle, but remember - the best defense is a good offense, so upgrade your catapults and watch out for the wind!

Genre 2D turn-based castle fighting game
Requirements 500 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, Windows 2000 and up, OpenGL 1.2-compatible card drive, any sound card
Language English
Released 04.08.2008
Status Completed
Made in Four days
Code C++, utilizing our own in-house 2D/3D engine - this was the first game written in the then-young engine; written and compiled using GCC and Dev-C++
Graphics Blender and Gimp, utilizing procedural textures for the rendered models; king portraits thanks to
  • This game was made for the 2008 World Compo organized by the Polish site.
  • As the game was started three days before the deadline, there was no time for clean coding - therefore, the entire game is in one big CPP file, spanning 1461 lines of code
  • The game's graphics are in uncompressed TGA files, which, while big, compress much more easily, so we managed to squish the game from 33 MB to only 5 MB using 7zip.
Wenrzyk Suckoban Castellan Vodovod 2
Type 224 Codename: Starspace

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